Project: Make A Fermentation Monitor

Fermentation Monitor - Finished Project

If you are anything like me, you're frequently checking the health of your latest batch of homebrew. But I know that every time I lift the lid of my Temperature Controlled Fermentation Chamber I let cold air out and warm air in. I had a broken, portable DVD player with video input capabilities lying around, so I put it to good use. If you don't happen to have one of those, there's an inexpensive video monitor, listed below.

Parts List:

1Video Security Camera with IR Illumination
112v DC Power Adapter for Camera
1Small, LCD Video Monitor
16' Composite Video Cable


Mount the video monitor in a convenient place. I made a small shelf, eye-level above my Temperature Controlled Fermentation Chamber:

Fermentation Monitor - Mount Monitor

Find a spot inside your Temperature Controlled Fermentation Chamber where the camera will be able to clearly see the airlock of your primary. I have mine sitting on a piece of wood in the basket:

Fermentation Monitor - Mount Camera

Connect the camera's yellow video out to the monitor's yellow video in with the 6' composite video cable. You won't need to do anything with the white, audio connectors:

Fermentation Monitor - Connect camera to monitor

The power adapter for the camera is listed separately and the monitor (listed in the Parts List) comes with a power adapter. Connect one power adapter to the camera and the other to the monitor using the red power connectors. Plug the power adapters into a nearby electrical outlet:

Fermentation Monitor - Apply Power

Route the video cable and camera's power cable out the back of the freezer. You should now be able to see your airlock, bubbling away on the video monitor!

Fermentation Monitor - Finished Project